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        Port or cabling short Autotest not available - CableIQ

        文章出處:深圳市連訊達電子技術開發有限公司 人氣:-發表時間:2021-09-17 17:08:00

        Port or cabling short Autotest not available - CableIQ

        You may receive the following message:

        The Autotest may not run if the tester is connected to a data port, detects voltage or a short on the cabling. If any of these three instances occur, you may see the screen above.


        Rotate the dial to DISCOVER. The CableIQ should be able to tell you why it cannot run an Autotest. In this example, the CableIQ was connected to an active port:

        Here we see that the port the CableIQ is connected to is capable for 10BASE-T, 100BASE-T is Full Duplex mode and is 41.5 m from the CableIQ.

        What if the warning "Port or Cabling short Autotest not available" occurs while connecting the Cable IQ over a cable to the CIQ-WM far end adapter?

        This is an indication that the far end adapter may need to be replaced.

        You can validate the RJ45 port on the Cable IQ by leaving the cable attached and turn the dial to DISCOVER.  If the RJ45 port is good, you should be able to press F1 and see the pair lengths on the attached cable.  It is normal to see a small variance on pair lengths between the pairs, as the twist rates are different.  If you see 0 length for a pair, it indicates a problem with the RJ45 port on the Cable IQ; contact the Service Center for repair.

        If you have any of the additional office identifiers for Cable IQ (CIQ-IDK24 or CIQ-IDK57), try using one at the far end of the cable with an RJ45 coupling and see it it works to run the Autotest.

        Otherwise, replace your CIQ-WM far end adapter.

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